Mundo Capoeira


As in most of the modern capoeira groups, Mundo Capoeira uses a ranking system. Like in karate or judo we use colored belts, but in capoeira we call those cords or 'cordas' (PT). More information about ranks in capoeira can be found here.

Grupo Internacional Mundo Capoeira has its own ranking system consisting of adult and children's graduations. We added a few cordas to our system for children and youngsters to give them more time to grow in capoeira.

As usual in capoeira, every capoeirista has one chance every year, during the batizado or troca de cordas, to receive a new corda and thus advance in rank. This depends on his evolution in the past year. The higher the rank of a capoeirista, the more he will have to prove himself. It happens, especially with higher belts, that you don't receive a new rank for several years. Without the children's cordas Mundo Capoeira has 18 different cordas and 11 titles members can achieve. Our ranking system is based on 10 colors, each with its own meaning:

In Mundo Capoeira, we use the 'boca de lobo'-technique to tie a corda around the waist. Our cordas end in a 'nó de rosa'.

Click the button to download a PDF-file with an overview of all our ranks: