Mundo Capoeira - Mestre Dendë

Mestre Dendê

Mestre Dendê was born on the 10th of June, 1964 in Vera Cruz (Bahia, Brazil). He first came in contact with capoeira in the streets of Salvador on age 10. That's where he started practicing capoeira until 1979. That year the young Mestre Dendê started training under Mestre Braulino kicking off his career in capoeira. Between 1985 and 1989 Mestre participated in various events throughout Brazil to expand his knowledge of capoeira.

In 1990 Mestre Dendê founded the group Porto de Minas in Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais, Brazil), together with Mestres Niltinho, Negativo and Ray. Already in 1992 the first academy of Porto de Minas opened in Germany. Four years later Mestre Dendê got the opportunity to travel to the United States for a year to teach capoeira there. From 1996 until 2002 Mestre was part of the group Oficina da Capoeira after leaving Porto de Minas. He traveled around the world to teach and divulge capoeira. A few years later, in February of 2006, Mestre Dendê and Mestre Sansão (then Professor) created the group Mundo Capoeira.

Grupo Internacional Mundo Capoeira has clubs in different countries all over the world including Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and the United States. Mestre Dendê is also a member of several social projects with the goal of improving lives and creating opportunities by means of the art and culture of capoeira.

In 2009 Mestre Dendê left for Poland, to support and help the group there and divulge capoeira. At the end of 2011, after two years of hard work, Mestre returned to Belgium with a great luggage of knowledge and new experiences to continue his work there.

"The sacrifice is in reality part of a ceremony. Sometimes it is used by believers. Mostly it contains a form of redistribution wherein the poor gain a bigger part than their contribution."