Shows & workshops

Besides the usual classes, Grupo Mundo Capoeira also offers various other activities. We offer shows, demonstrations, workshops, summercamps, teambuildings, personal trainings, et cetera.

We will bring an unique show in which the public will literally feel the Brazilian energy! Participation from the public is possible. Capoeira is the thing you are looking for to raise your event to the next level.

Workshops are organized to fit the group's wishes. You determine the mood, length and difficulty of a workshop. Only experienced instructors with years of training will lead your show or workshop.

Grupo Internacional Mundo Capoeira has been working with some big names, brands and television stations on an international level for several years. In Belgium we have partnered with: Mano Mundo, Momallia, VT4, TMF, VMT, KHM, Libelle, City of Antwerp, Nike, Sanoma Magazines, één, Bloso, Alegria Brasil, BorgerRio, Belgacom, City of Leuven, ...

For more information and offers, you can always contact us.

Private lessons and personal coaching

Mestre Dendê also offers private lessons and coaching in capoeira, music and percussion. You choose the subject, duration and intensity of the training and Mestre Dendê will personally assist and coach you. You can contact him for more information or for an appointment.

Roda Mundo Capoeira