Tips for your first class

1 You don't have to be nervous for your first training. If you ever saw capoeira before (on the internet or as a show) it probably looked very impressive. Legs flying everywhere, backflips, acrobatics,... Only after years of hard work capoeiristas are able to perform such movements, there is no reason to be scared that capoeira might be too difficult for you, everyone can play capoeira!

2 We don't require you to be fit, flexible or strong. Capoeira does require some flexibility and power, but you'll learn those things in class. After a few classes you will feel much fitter. You develop power, condition and flexibility with capoeira.

3 Wear loose clothing. Playing capoeira in tight jeans just isn't comfortable. Wear loose pants and a simple shirt in which you can move freely. If you train with us for a while, we'll ask you to acquire an 'abadá' (traditional pants for playing capoeira). You can ask your teacher about more information.

4 We play capoeira on bare feet. Training with shoes on might cause serious injuries, for you and your partner. When we have class outdoors, shoes can be allowed.

5 Arrive on time. Make sure you don't miss the warming-up, it is an important part of your training.

6 Don't be scared of your first experience, capoeiristas are one big family. You can always come to us for advice.