What is capoeira ?

Capoeira is an Brazilian martial art where combat, stamina, culture, philosophy, acrobatics, music, expression and energy become one.

Capoeira is a game which is played by two persons in a circle of people, this circle is called the 'roda'. On the rhythm of the music (instruments and chants) two players or 'capoeiristas' enter the circle and start a game. A game of capoeira consists of a continuous flow of attacks, defenses and acrobatics. A dialogue of movements between the two players arises in the game. Don't be mistaken, capoeira is not based on a choreography, we purely use are imagination and reflexes.

When a player kicks -and thus attacks- the other player will have to evade his attack. Then he might get the opportunity to perform a counterattack. Acrobatics and other movements complement these moves and keep the game in motion. Capoeira is not about winning or losing and the roda is not about a competition. But when a player is able to drop the other one on the floor, this can be seen as a 'victory'.